Output Devices

Output Devices

Prep Test

  1. The sound card normally uses which IRQ?

    1. IRQ 2

    2. IRQ 5

    3. IRQ 11

    4. IRQ 9

  2. To support a monitor with a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels and 65,000 (16-bit) colors, a video card with at least how many MB of video RAM is needed?

    1. 2

    2. 4

    3. 8

    4. 1

  3. A customer calls you claiming that his or her floppy disk drive must be going bad because files are often missing or corrupted after they’re saved to the floppy disk. When you arrive at the customer’s site ready to troubleshoot the floppy disk drive, you discover a stack of floppy disks sitting on top of the monitor. What do you think may be the problem?

    1. The customer is not actually saving the data to the disks.

    2. The cause may be a bad box of disks, which the customer should throw out and replace with new disks.

    3. The floppy drive is bad and you need to replace it.

    4. Magnetic emissions from the CRT are possibly erasing the disks.

  4. A monitor that uses two passes to draw the entire screen, drawing every other line on each pass, is what type of monitor?

    1. Noninterlaced

    2. Interlaced

    3. Interleaved

    4. Multiscan

  5. Which of the following is not a type of video RAM?

    1. WRAM

    2. VRAM

    3. SGRAM

    4. ZRAM

  6. The audio wire that connects to the sound card is attached to

    1. The ground lead of the motherboard’s power connection

    2. The audio jumper on the motherboard

    3. The CD-ROM drive

    4. Nowhere, it is a never-used extra wire

  7. A monitor conforming to the Energy Star standard reduces its power by what percentage in sleep or suspend mode?

    1. 99

    2. 80

    3. 100

    4. 96

  8. An ESD grounding strap should always be worn when working on the PC, except when working on a

    1. Memory board

    2. CRT

    3. Hard drive

    4. Motherboard

  9. The distance between pixels on the CRT screen is measured as

    1. Resolution

    2. Interlacing

    3. Dot pitch

    4. Dot triad

  10. Which of the following is not a type of video adapter card?

    1. CGA

    2. VGA

    3. LPGA

    4. SVGA


  1. B. A sound card that is SoundBlaster compatible, the current standard, supports DMA channel 1, IRQ 5, and I/O address 220. See “Connecting to sound.

  2. A. This is calculated as 1,024 x 768 x 16 ч 8. Check out “Sizing up the video memory.

  3. D. The CRT produces electrical and magnetic emissions strong enough to corrupt the floppy disks. Look at “Protecting against electromagnetic evils.

  4. B. An interlaced monitor uses two complete screen cycles to completely build the display or refresh the display. Review “Looking Inside the Monitor.

  5. D. WRAM, VRAM, and SGRAM are all types of memories used on a video card. See “Looking at the Video RAMs.

  6. C. The audio wire is actually a part of the CD-ROM assembly and is connected to the sound card to provide sound audio support. Look up “Interfacing to a CD-ROM or DVD.

  7. A. The EPA Energy Star standard certifies equipment that reduces power consumption by 99 percent in sleep or suspend mode. Check out “Saving the planet.

  8. B. Never work on the internal system of a monitor without proper equipment, but if you decide to do so, please don’t wear an ESD wrist strap. Zap over to “Keeping the lid on.

  9. C. Dot pitch is the distance between two dots of the same color in adjacent pixels. Slide up to “Looking Inside the Monitor.

  10. C. LPGA may mean anything, but it definitely is not a video adapter card type. Review “Connecting to adapter card standards.

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