Callback Events

Callback Events

A certain annotation represents each phase of an entity's life cycle:








The @PrePersist and @PostPersist events have to do with the insertion of an entity instance into the database. The @PrePersist event occurs immediately when the EntityManager.persist( ) call is invoked or whenever an entity instance is scheduled to be inserted into the database (as with a cascaded merge). The @PostPersist event is not triggered until the actual database insert.

The @PreUpdate event is triggered just before the state of the entity is synchronized with the database. The @PostUpdate event happens after. This synchronization could occur at transaction commit time, when EntityManager.flush( ) is executed, or whenever the persistence context deems it necessary to update the database.

The @PreRemove and @PostRemove events have to do with the removal of an entity bean from the database. @PreRemove is triggered whenever EntityManager.remove( ) is invoked on the entity bean, directly or because of a cascade. The @PostRemove event happens immediately after the actual database delete occurs.

The @PostLoad event is triggered after an entity instance has been loaded by a find( ) or getreference( ) method call on the EntityManager interface, or when an EJB QL query is executed. It is also called after the refresh( ) method is invoked.

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