Complete the Time Expression Application

Complete the Time Expression Application

If you have read this book end-to-end, you have invariably realized that we finished only a subset of the functionality defined in our fictional business requirements from Chapter 2, "The Sample Application: An Online Timesheet System." The user stories I picked were based on following two reasons:

  • Being able to enter hours electronically seemed like a good start and something real world users would want in the first couple of iterations.

  • These user stories worked nicely from a demonstration perspective, in that I was able to show how to build both, form and noform, screens.

A great way to learn more about the various technologies covered in this book is to work with the code presented here and to complete the remainder of the application. For example, we finished the first five user stories from Figure in Chapter 2. You could try completing the remaining user stories. If you decide to do this and come up with innovative ideas, I would love to hear about them. (My contact information can be obtained on

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