Components Reference

Components Reference

Each of the following sections describes how to use a particular Swing component. These sections are organized alphabetically for quick reference. For an easy-to-use visual reference, refer to A Visual Index to Swing Components (page 37) in Chapter 3.

All of these sections assume that you've successfully compiled and run a program that uses Swing components and that you're familiar with Swing concepts. These prerequisites are covered in Chapter 1, Getting Started with Swing (page 3), and Chapter 2, Learning Swing by Example (page 11). For an overview of Swing components and the Swing component hierarchy, be sure to read Chapter 3, Using Swing Components (page 35).

You can find source files for all the examples from this chapter on the CD and online:


The preceding URLs take you to an index that has links to the files required by each example. You can go directly to the entry for a particular example by adding #ExampleName to the URL. Most examples have a "Run" link in the example index which executes the example using Java Web Start technology.

How to Make Applets

How to Use Buttons

How to Use Check Boxes

How to Use Color Choosers

How to Use Combo Boxes

How to Make Dialogs

How to Use Editor Panes and Text Panes

How to Use File Choosers

How to Use Formatted Text Fields

How to Make Frames (Main Windows)

How to Use Internal Frames

How to Use Labels

How to Use Layered Panes

How to Use Lists

How to Use Menus

How to Use Panels

How to Use Password Fields

How to Use Progress Bars

How to Use Radio Buttons

How to Use Root Panes

How to Use Scroll Panes

How to Use Separators

How to Use Sliders

How to Use Spinners

How to Use Split Panes

How to Use Tabbed Panes

How to Use Tables

How to Use Text Areas

How to Use Text Fields

How to Use Tool Bars

How to Use Tool Tips

How to Use Trees

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