Describing a Usage Case

3.2 Describing a Usage Case

A usage case is a "story" about what consumers will do with the application. The story will help determine the MIDlet's tasks at a lower level. The usage case should not describe how users operate the device.

Application Developers

Recommend: graphics/bulb2_icon.gif Use the one-sentence description and, if possible, use data collected from target users, to write a usage case for your MIDlet.

For example, the story for SmartTicket might be something like this:

Tony likes to go to movies and would like to be able to buy movie tickets without having to stand in line at the theater, even when he is not at his computer.

Tony uses SmartTicket because he can easily see what movies are in his area and find out where and when they are playing.

Today when Tony checked on movies, the application showed him a new first-run movie, The Invasion of the Dots, that he wanted to see. He found that it was playing at a theater near his house at a convenient time. Tony bought a ticket and chose the seat that he wanted in the theater.

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