Creating a Game

Application Developers

Consider: When you create a game, consider providing a Splash screen that can double as the Start screen. On this screen, give users access to instructions, and the ability to start and pause the game.

Recommend: graphics/bulb2_icon.gif With every game, provide a command of type HELP that displays a Help screen. Give the screen a label of Instructions and give the screen text that explain how to use your game. Be sure to document what behaviors you have mapped onto the game actions, if any.

Consider: When providing a Splash screen that can double as the Start screen, consider moving to this screen if the game is suspended. When the MIDlet restarts, consider giving the user the option to restart the game from the point it was suspended.

Consider: Creating a game using tiles and sprites is an art. The imagination and enthusiasm that you bring to the project will be reflected and transferred to those playing the game. This could result in a much more enjoyable user experience for everyone playing the game.

Recommend: graphics/bulb2_icon.gif Always test your games on actual devices.

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