19.4 New for MIDP 2.0


The MIDP Specification version 2.0 defines precise guidelines for the deployment and over-the-air (OTA) provisioning of MIDP applications, based on the experience that was gained after releasing the MIDP Specification version 1.0 and publishing the recommended practice document for the OTA delivery of MIDP 1.0 applications.

The result of this work is a streamlined specification that can be implemented on a wide range of devices and networks. Modifications have been made to the MIDlet suite model to handle the downloading and upgrading of signed MIDlet suites, and to handle failures related to the registration of MIDlet suites for event-based launching (using the PushRegistry class.) Support for cookies to identify sessions across download requests has been removed because that feature was difficult to support on some networks. Session information can be maintained using URL rewriting instead. Notifications can be requested by a provisioning server to indicate successful or unsuccessful installations and deletions. Attributes for the application descriptor and manifest are specified to allow the MIDlet suite to request permissions needed by the security model. The deployment specification allows a wide range of device implementations and provisioning servers to interoperate smoothly.

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