Forms and Form Layout

Forms and Form Layout

A form is a screen that can contain an arbitrary mixture of items: images, text fields, gauges, choice groups, and so on. (Note that the term items is used for components on a form, while elements is used for the choices in a list or choice group.) A form is intended to correspond to a task that the user can perform. Figure shows a variety of form screens.

1. Form Screens


This chapter covers working with and laying out forms; Chapter 8 covers the items that can be in a form. It is best to read this chapter and Chapter 8 together.

Application Developer Responsibilities

MIDP Implementor Responsibilities

  • Sequence of form items

  • Form item content

  • Preferred sizes of form items (optional)

  • At least one abstract command for the form

  • Item minimum and maximum size

  • Layout of form items

  • Informing the application when the user updates a form item

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