Java API for XML Messaging

Java API for XML Messaging

Maydene Fisher

In This Chapter

8.1 Overview of JAXM

8.2 Running the Samples

8.3 Tutorial

8.4 Code Examples

The Java API for XML Messaging (JAXM) makes it possible for developers to do XML messaging using the Java platform. This document will help you learn how to use JAXM.

For more information on JAXM, see the JAXM documentation included with the Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) at


The Java WSDP includes the following material related to JAXM:

  • The API specification (Javadoc documentation) for JAXM

  • The JAXM 1.0.1 EA1 Reference Implementation (RI)

  • Various documents about the RI

  • Sample applications that can be run with the JAXM RI

This document gives instructions for running the RI as a way to help you get started. You may prefer to go through both the overview and tutorial before running the samples to make it easier to understand what the RI is doing, or you may prefer to explore the RI first. The overview gives some of the conceptual background behind the JAXM API to help you understand why certain things are done the way they are. The tutorial shows you how to use the basic JAXM API, giving examples and explanations of the more commonly used features. Finally, the code examples show how to build an application that you can run.

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