JavaServer Pages Technology

JavaServer Pages Technology

Stephanie Bodoff

In This Chapter

14.1 What is a JSP Page?

14.2 The Example JSP Pages

14.3 The Life Cycle of a JSP Page

14.4 Initializing and Finalizing a JSP Page

14.5 Creating Static Content

14.6 Creating Dynamic Content

14.7 Including Content in a JSP Page

14.8 Transferring Control to Another Web Component

14.9 Including an Applet

14.10 Extending the JSP Language

Javaserver Pages (JSP) technology allows you to easily create Web content that has both static and dynamic components. JSP technology projects all the dynamic capabilities of Java Servlet technology but provides a more natural approach to creating static content. The main features of JSP technology are:

  • A language for developing JSP pages, which are text-based documents that describe how to process a request and construct a response

  • Constructs for accessing server-side objects

  • Mechanisms for defining extensions to the JSP language

    JSP technology also contains API that is used by developers of Web containers, but this API is not covered in this chapter.

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