MIDP User Interface Libraries

MIDP User Interface Libraries

In light of the wide variations in cellular phones and other MIDP target devices, the requirements for user interface support are very challenging. MIDP target devices differ from desktop systems in many ways, especially in how the user interacts with them. The following UI-related requirements were seen as important when the user interface library of the MIDP Specification was designed:

  • The devices and applications should be useful to users who are not necessarily experts in using computers.

  • The devices and applications should be useful in situations where the user cannot pay full attention to the application. For example, many cellular phones and other wireless devices are commonly operated with one hand while the user is walking, cooking, fishing, and so forth.

  • The form factors and user interface concepts of MIDP target devices vary considerably between devices, especially compared to desktop systems. For example, display sizes are much smaller, and input devices are much more limited or at least different. Most mobile devices have only numeric keypads, and few have pointing devices such as pen-operated touch screens.

  • The Java applications for mobile information devices should have user interfaces that are consistent with the native applications so that the user finds them intuitive to use.

Given these requirements and the capabilities of devices that implement the MIDP (see Section 3.2, "Target Devices"), a dedicated user interface toolkit is provided in MIDP in the javax.microedition.lcdui package.

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