My Near Future Plans

My Near Future Plans

This book was both a happy and a sad event for me because this will most likely be my last significant publication about Java after exactly a decade of writing about this wonderful technology (28 articles and 2 chapters in a Java book). Although I plan to continue consulting around Java technologies for a long time to come, I'm shifting my writing and speaking focus toward modeling techniques using agile methods. I also hope to collaborate with others on special projects, particularly with some innovative people I have the distinct pleasure of knowing.

In the upcoming months, I will be researching visual ways of improving the use of software methodologies and various diagramming methods. I'm convinced there is a better way to model than UML. I'm also convinced that there are visual ways to teach (us) developers bare-bones software processes that provide some structure that makes managers and executives happy, yet allows us to do what we enjoy mostcode! I hope to present this balanced approach in the near future.


In the coming months, I will be building a global virtual community composed of people from various parts of the worldthis process has already begun. Our objective will be to research better modeling and unique visual process techniques (see Appendix I, "Visual Patterns Research," for more details).

If you are interested in joining this virtual community, contact me via

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