Performance and Resource Usage

Performance and Resource Usage

This section has a few suggestions for improving the perceived performance of a game canvas. (See "Performance" on page 236 for general suggestions on improving the performance of a MIDP implementation and MIDlets.)

MIDP Implementors

Strongly Recommend: graphics/bulb1_icon.gif Because perceived performance is very important to games, use all available hardware capabilities to accelerate gaming content. The hardware capabilities that might be available on your device include hardware sprites, collision detection, tiling, and image compositing. Use a fast bitblit operation if it is available on your device.

Application Developers

Consider: When creating sprites, layers, and tiles for a game, consider creating the images then creating an indexed (256 color) super palette that averages all the colors from all the graphic components into a single palette. This reduces the palette required for the game, decreasing the memory footprint of the game.

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