Screen Layout

Screen Layout

Objects shown on the screen are displayables. Displayables include both structured and unstructured screens. See "Characteristics of the MIDP Environment" on page 18 for more information on structured and unstructured screens, and Programming Wireless Devices with the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition [17] for information on the Displayable API.

Displayables can have a title and a ticker and should have one or more abstract commands. (See Chapter 12 for more information on abstract commands.) Displayables might also have additional elements, such as activity indicators for network activity, battery life, and scrolling. This chapter has advice for laying out these elements.

Application Developer Responsibilities

MIDP Implementor Responsibilities

  • Any text to be used in the ticker

  • Any text to be used in the screen's title

  • For an unstructured screen, whether to use full-screen mode, which removes any title or ticker to maximize the portion of the screen available to the application

  • Fonts and colors used on the screen

  • Support for a title

    • Screen location

    • Text-display policy (for example, will title-text be wrapped or clipped)

  • Support for a ticker

    • Screen location

    • Ticker size

    • Ticker font

    • Direction of scroll

    • Scroll rate

  • Location of any onscreen indicators

  • Backlight support

  • Vibrate capability

  • Abstract command support

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