Web Services


In this chapter, we covered many concepts and technologies for Web services. First, we discussed why Web services are important and how they have emerged. We described WSDL and UDDI as technology bases. We did not walk through all the constructs of WSDL and UDDI because they are too complicated to cover here. Rather, we showed how to use them in greater detail, providing running examples. We also showed programs geared toward dynamic e-business to demonstrate how to use UDDI and WSDL in an integrated manner. Finally, we described the enterprise Web services discussed in JSR 109 as a future direction.

The concept of Web services emerged only one year ago. Its technology basis is still not solid for starting a serious e-business. In Chapters 14 and 15, we cover security and data binding, each of which can contribute to making real Web services. Despite their immaturity, Web services are expected to make current B2B collaboration more dynamic. There is no doubt that we are moving toward such a dynamic e-business. Keep your eyes on this promising arena.

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