Where Do You Go from Here?

Where Do You Go from Here?

At this point, you have enough information to begin picking your own way through the JAXP libraries. Your next step from here depends on what you want to accomplish. You might want to go to:

The XML Thread

If you want to learn more about XML, spend as little time as possible on the Java APIs. You will see all of the XML sections in the normal course of the tutorial. Follow this thread if you want to bypass the API programming steps:

Designing an XML Data Structure (page 48)

If you are creating XML data structures for an application and want some tips on how to proceed. (This is the next step in the XML overview.)

Simple API for XML (page 77)

If the data structures have already been determined, and you are writing a server application or an XML filter that needs to do the fastest possible processing. This section also takes you step by step through the process of constructing an XML document.

Document Object Model (page 149)

If you need to build an object tree from XML data so you can manipulate it in an application, or convert an in-memory tree of objects to XML. This part of the tutorial ends with a section on namespaces.

XML Stylesheet Language for Transformations (page 203)

If you need to transform XML tags into some other form, if you want to generate XML output, or if you want to convert legacy data structures to XML.

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