XML/XSL Web Interfaces in WSAD

XML/XSL Web Interfaces in WSAD

Building on our knowledge of using JSPs with servlets to create robust Web interfaces, in this chapter, we will introduce an alternative way (also a part of J2EE) of creating Web-based interfaces using XML and XSL. We will also cover several tools in WSAD that can be used to create XML/XSL interfaces. We will focus on how to use XML and XSL within a J2EE application rather than discuss the basics of XML/XSL. We will cover:

  • A strategy for using XML/XSL for Web Interfaces

  • An example static XML and XSL interface

  • An example enhanced XSL file

  • An example dynamic XML and XSL interface

  • When to use XML/XSL for Web interfaces

This chapter will advance your knowledge of the fundamental concepts of XML and XSL as a Web interface alternative. We will focus mostly on the servlet container with a short discussion on the domain layer in the ejb container (see Figure) and demonstrate the use of XML/XSL in Java using the Apache Xalan-J transformer from within WebSphere Studio.

1. Where XML/XSLT fits into the road map.


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