Advanced MRTG for Linux

Advanced MRTG for Linux

In This Chapter

  • Locating and Viewing the Contents of Linux MIBs

  • Testing Your MIB Value

  • Differences in MIB and MRTG Terminology

  • The CPU and the Memory Monitoring MIB

  • The TCP/IP Monitoring MIB

  • Manually Configuring Your MRTG File

  • Implementing Advanced Server Monitoring

  • Monitoring Non-Linux MIB Values

  • Troubleshooting

  • Conclusion

In many cases using MRTG in a basic configuration to monitor the volume of network traffic to your server isn't enough. You may also want to see graphs of CPU, disk, and memory usage. This chapter explains how to find the values you want to monitor in the SNMP MIB files and then how to use this information to configure MRTG.

All the chapter's examples assume that the SNMP Read Only string is craz33guy and that the net-snmp-utils RPM package is installed (see Chapter 22, "Monitoring Server Performance").

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