Compound Variables

Compound Variables

The Korn shell also supports compound variables, which are similar to structures or records in other languages, that is a meta-datatype which is a group of related values, each of which can have a different data type. The syntax for declaring compund variables is:

     [datatype] field1[=value] 
    . . . 
     [datatype] fieldn[=value] 

For example, we can use a compound variable to manage employee information:

$ employee=(
typeset name=Allenby 
integer id=1243 
float salary=9000.50 

The syntax to display the value of a compound variable field is:


Here we access the employee compound variable:

$ print $employee 
       ( typeset -E salary=9000.5 name=Allenby typeset -i 
id=1243 ) 
       $ print ${} 

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