How to Get VSFTPD Started

How to Get VSFTPD Started

You can start, stop, or restart VSFTPD after booting using these commands:

     [[email protected] tmp]# service vsftpd start
     [[email protected] tmp]# service vsftpd stop
     [[email protected] tmp]# service vsftpd restart

To configure VSFTPD to start at boot, use the chkconfig command:

     [[email protected] tmp]# chkconfig vsftpd on


In Red Hat Linux version 8.0 and earlier, VSFTPD operation is controlled by the xinetd process, which is covered in Chapter 16, "TELNET, TFTP, and XINETD." You can find a full description of how to configure these versions of Linux for VSFTPD in Appendix III, "Fedora Version Differences."

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