Invoking The Korn Shell Separately

Invoking The Korn Shell Separately

If you would like to use the Korn shell, but keep your login shell the same, you can avoid conflicts between the two shells by putting all of your Korn shell environment and startup commands in the environment file. This is specified by the ENV variable, which could be set in your Bourne shell .profile file like this:

$ grep ENV $HOME/.profile 

or in the C shell .login file:

$ grep ENV $HOME/.login 
setenv ENV $HOME/.kshrc 

This way, when you invoke the Korn shell, it will know where to look and find the environment settings. Here are some basic commands that should be in the environment file:

$ cat $HOME/.kshrc 

The EDITOR variable specifies the editor to use for command-line editing. Here it is set to vi, but it can also be set to emacs or gmacs. This will be covered in detail later in Chapter 7.

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