Keeping Fedora Core 4 Updated

Keeping Fedora Core 4 Updated

What You'll Learn in This Chapter:

  • How to connect to the Red Hat Network

  • How to select and install updates

  • How to monitor update activity on the taskbar

  • How to keep your system up to date from the command line

Software updates are an integral part of modern computing. Most computers in use today are connected to the Internet in one way or another, where new types of attacks and malicious software emerge daily. When you keep your Fedora Core system up to date, you ensure that your computer is protected against this type of activity. Software updates can also improve system stability, which can be crucial if your Fedora Core system provides network services to busy users.

For users of the Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux families of operating systems, system update services are provided by the Red Hat Network.

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