Printer Resources

Printer Resources

There are a number of websites and documents included with your Fedora Core installation that can help you with printer problems. Figure provides a starting set of references for finding and troubleshooting printers to work in Linux.

Figure: Linux Printer Reference Table

Printing General Information



Linux printing place to go for information on printing in Linux. Includes searchable driver and printer databases, overviews of CUPS and foomatic, tutorials, and links to other resources.

CUPS documentation that comes with Fedora

http://localhost:631/documentation.html-For troubleshooting, the Administration Manual contains some good information.

CUPS home page to this site for CUPS documentation, newsgroup information, and news. Click the support link to find ways of getting more help.

Forums are more than 50 forums for discussing printer problems based on printer manufacturer. The most active linuxprinting forums include linuxprinting.general, macosx.general, foomatic.devel, canon.general, epson.general, hp.general, and lexmark.general.

The Printing HOWTO information on how to print in Linux and other UNIX-like systems.

Printing Driver Information (Generic)

Ghostscript covers a group of software that can interpret PostScript input and convert it to a variety of different formats. GhostScript is generally used as a front end for printers that don't support PostScript, and can be used to interpret PDF files as well. To get documentation, go to or check the local Fedora Core file system (/usr/local/share/doc/ghostscript*).

OMNI printer drivers Omni drivers support over 400 printers in a pluggable form.

Gimp-Print Printer Drivers gimp-print drivers that support many Epson Stylus, HP DeskJet and LaserJet printers, Cannon BJC printers, and Lexmark printers.

Postscript (use with Postscript printers when no specific driver is available)


No driver is used. Printing output is passed directly to the printer.

Printer Driver Information (Examples of Information for a Few Specific Drivers)



Open source sites for HP Printer Drivers

http:// for all open source HP inkjet drivers.

Printing General Information (Examples of Information for a Few Specific Drivers)



pxlmono: Driver for color and black and white PCL 6 printers. Over 100 printers are supported with this driver, including the HP LaserJet 2100M used in examples in this chapter. pxlmono driver.

pnm2ppa: Driver for HP DeskJet 710C, 712C, 720C, 722C, 820Cse, 820Cxi, 1000Cse, or 1000Cxi printers (PostScript Level 2) tools and documentation related to this filter.

/usr/share/doc/pnm2ppa*-Try COLOR.html, CALIBRATION.html, and INSTALL.REDHAT.html.

Commands: calibrate_ppa, detect_ppa, pnm2ppa, pbm2ppa, and pbmtpg.

This driver was used in the example troubleshooting shown in this chapter for the HP DeskJet 722C printer.

Troubleshooting Printers



Information about how to go about troubleshooting CUPS how to troubleshoot and get help from CUPS experts.

CUPS printing newsgroups From this page you can search news groups using keywords, or select from different CUPS newsgroups. For general questions, view the cups.general newgroup. Go here to subscribe to a newsgroup:

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