Setting Up the Network

Setting Up the Network

Now that I've told you how to save your settings between sessions, let's take a look at one of the more important settings you will configure—your network.

From the Kicker menu, choose the KNOPPIX submenu and then Network/Internet. You'll notice a number of network configuration options, from setting up an ADSL connection to ISDN, wireless, local network card, and more (Figure).

It's time to configure your network for Internet access.

Let's use the Network card configuration as an example. When you select this, a terminal window will open, followed shortly by a graphical dialog. When the network card dialog appears, it asks whether you want to use a DHCP broadcast to configure the card. Should you choose to manually configure the card, the configuration utility automatically suggests an IP address of, which you can override with your own local settings (see Figure).

Manually setting your IP address.

With this type of connection, you need to know your local nameserver and gateway. Of course, different network configuration dialogs (e.g., ADSL) will ask different questions. Just follow the prompts and answer the appropriate questions, and you'll be surfing the Internet in no time at all.

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