Understanding File Properties

Understanding File Properties

What You'll Learn in This Chapter:

  • How Linux categorizes files by type

  • How to use symbolic links in Linux

  • How to list files' properties

  • How to use file permissions and file system security in Linux

This chapter completes your introduction to the Linux file system and to the day-to-day manipulation and use of files in Linux. After you've familiarized yourself with the information in Chapters 5, "Working with Files on the Desktop," 6, "Working with Files in the Shell," and 7, "Understanding File Properties," you'll be ready to put Linux to work for day-to-day computing tasks in the coming chapters.

This chapter uses a mix of command-line (shell) and file manager examples. Whenever you see text providing command-line examples, feel free to follow along using the terminal application that you learned to use in Chapter 6. Whenever you see examples illustrated using the file manager, feel free to follow along using the file manager on your desktop.

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