Unix Privileged Commands

Unix Privileged Commands

In this lesson, you'll take a look at some of the restricted commands that Unix system administrators use, and learn some of the other things you can do with your Unix system.

In this chapter we celebrate you not only reaching the end of the book (congratulations!) but to also welcome you to the "power-user" ranks. If you have successfully navigated through this book and have been practicing so that you can recall all the commands and some of their options that we learned about, then you are ready for the next step.

The commands in this section are restricted commands that are mostly used by Unix system administrators. It doesn't hurt to know about them and how they work so that if you are interested, you can dig deeper into them and start on the path to being a Unix system administrator. If not, knowing these commands surely puts you at the advantage because knowledge is power. Just fill your brain with as much Unix as you can, and before long you will be typing commands quickly and know exactly what it is you are doing.

In this lesson, I open the doors to a few new concepts and hope that after this lesson is done, you are efficiently typing the learned commands and their proper options in the shell prompt with no problems.

For those who may have forgotten about root, let's quickly discuss it.

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