Video Troubleshooting Reference

Video Troubleshooting Reference

Figure provides a reference for finding and troubleshooting the X Window System video to work in Linux.

Figure: Video Troubleshooting References

General X Information

XFree86 project XFree86 Project is the primary source for information on the open-source version of the X Window System running in Fedora Core

XFree86 documentation


XFree86 support

XFree86 mailing lists

XFree86 driver information

Various README files in the /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc directory of Fedora Core


Primary configuration file for the X (XFree86) server

Current mouse driver information

Mouse driver man page (serial mouse)

Type man mouse

X Performance Commands


Displays information about OpenGL rendering in the X server. Use this to check if DRI has been enabled to do hardware acceleration


Displays three spinning gears and shows how many frames per second your X server can display the gears spinning


Tunes the height and width of your display, and then saves those settings to your XF96Config file


Runs performance tests (based on parameters you choose), and then reports how quickly the X server can complete those tests

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