What's a Browser?

What’s a Browser?

You read the World Wide Web by using a browser. If you use X Windows, you can use a graphical browser such as Mozilla, Konqueror, or Opera. With a graphical browser, you get to see all the cool stuff as well as the text. (Does this type of browser make the browsing experience any more educational or enriching? In some cases, maybe, but mostly it just makes browsing more fun.) If you’re familiar with a browser on Windows, you’ll find browsing on UNIX quite familiar, and if you use Mozilla, Netscape, or Opera on Windows, you’ll find their UNIX versions nearly identical. This chapter describes both Mozilla and Konqueror.

When you start your browser, you can begin with the Web page it suggests and find your way to the information you want by following the hypertext links. (Don’t worry — we tell you how.) Alternatively, you can jump directly to a Web page if you know its name. These names are called URLs (for Uniform Resource Locators) — see the nearby sidebar, “URL!” to read about them.

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soulmaker 7 years, 2 months ago #
I'm using Chrome, Chrome is awesome!
destructor 7 years, 2 months ago #
Awesome?! Reply me, why is Google Chrome slow as shit? I don't even use Google Chrome anymore, Im strictly Mozilla and have always been. I tried Chrome but it was slower than firefox and safari, regardless of what their commercial says. I tested all of my browsers and Chrome is the slowest. It takes forever to do a task...
soulmaker 7 years, 2 months ago #
Sorry, bro, but Mozilla sucks.
soulmaker 7 years, 2 months ago #
Once again: Chrome uses V8 javascript engine, and it is faster then Firefox's javascript engine!
wicked creature 7 years, 2 months ago #
May be Chrome is slow... I dont know, but Im sute, that Opera sucks!! It pisses me off. I love Opera, but sometimes it runs across websites that it doesn't seem to like and won't load things properly. Case in point, I just ordered a pizza from Dominos tonight. Everything is fine, until the security login from my bank is supposed to appear at the end to approve the transaction. In Firefox, that works fine, in Opera it doesn't. I've noticed recently there's been a couple of websites that it has problems with. It seems like if I've ever got to do something slightly complicated it doesn't fucking work. Basically it's impossible to use as your sole web browser, which is nuts. Am I the only one that has these issues, or do other Opera users have to suffer through this as well?