Where To Get the Korn Shell

Where To Get the Korn Shell

The Korn shell is included as an optional shell, along with the Bourne and C shells by most vendors, including Sun for Solaris, SCO for UnixWare, Hewlett-Packard for HP-UX, and others. It is also available as an unbundled product from many vendors.

The Desktop Korn shell (dtksh) is another version of the Korn shell that is available by many vendors as an upgrade to Kornshell88-based versions. It is usually located in /usr/dt/bin/dtksh.

The Public Domain Korn shell, or pdksh, as the name suggests, is a public domain version of the Korn shell. It's compatible with most any version of Unix, but is mostly used on Linux-based systems. At the time of this writing, the current version (5.2.14) has most of the Kornshell88, as well as some of the Kornshell93 and additional features that are not in either. For more detailed information, refer to Appendices F H.

David Korn and AT&T offer U/WIN, a non-commercial version of the Korn shell for Windows-based systems (NT and 98). It is based on KornShell98 and contains almost 200 of the popular Unix commands. We've included a version in the accompanying CD, but it is also available from http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/uwin.

More information including links for the source distribution for the Korn Shell and U/Win is available at this URL: http://www.kornshell.com.

Mortice Kern Systems sells a version of the Korn shell for MS-DOS and Windows. There are also a number of shareware shells that have Korn shell-like functionality.

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