Working with the GUI

Working with the GUI

Like most desktop environments, KDE includes the capability to customize your desktop environment just as you do under Windows or any other desktop operating system. Some form of alteration is allowed depending on your permissions. You can set items such as the background wallpaper for your viewing pleasure, screensavers, fonts, and many other things. Because there is so much to work out in KDE, let's take a look at a simple exercise that allows you to change some of KDE's default configurations for your shell. This is shown in Figure.

1. Use KDE to make changes to the default configuration.

Use the following steps to change KDE's default preview behavior:

Right-click on the KDE desktop.

Click on Behavior on the left.

Select the types of files you would like KDE to create previews for.

Make the changes you want, and then click the Apply or OK button to set them.

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