Adding Table Borders

Adding Table Borders

Word includes a whole set of border options if you’re working with tables. The tools are easy to use-and fun to apply. This section provides the basic steps for adding borders and shades to your tables.

As you know, Word includes a great gallery of Table Quick Styles that you can apply to your tables. It may be that those formats apply all the borders you’ll ever need. But if you want to add to a table style’s effect by adding an outside border, or if you want to change the borders used in the style, knowing how to customize your table borders will come in handy.

One way to apply borders to your table is to right-click the table and choose Borders And Shading from the shortcut menu. In the Borders And Shading dialog box, you can choose the border setting, style, color, and width as you learned earlier in this chapter. If you want to experiment with custom lines and mix and match line styles in your table border, you can also work with the tools on the Table Tools Design tab. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Select the table element to which you want to apply the border. You might select the whole table or a column, row, or selection of cells. To select a specific cell, simply click it to position the pointer in that location.

  2. Click the Table Tools Design tab, and then click the Line Style arrow in the Draw Borders group to choose the line style you want for the border. (See Figure–22).

    Image from book
    Figure–22: Choose the line style and weight before you add a border to table elements.

  3. Click the Line Weight arrow to choose the weight (or thickness) you want for the border.

  4. Click the Borders arrow in the Table Styles group to display the list of Border options you saw earlier in this chapter. Click your selection to apply the border to the selected table elements.


If you really like the border style you created for a table you’ve been working with, you can save the style and reuse it. Click the More button in the Table Styles gallery (available when the Table Tools Design tab is selected) and choose New Table Style from the bottom of the gallery. Enter a name for the new style and click OK to save it.

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