Adding Tables, Charts, and Diagrams - Key Points

Key Points

  • Use a table to organize information neatly in rows and columns. You can customize and format individual cells as well as the entire table.

  • If the information you need already exists in an Excel worksheet, you can embed the worksheet in a slide. Double-clicking the worksheet object opens it in Excel so that you can edit it.

  • If the information in the Excel worksheet is likely to change, you can link the slide to the source worksheet so that the slide is updated if the worksheet is edited.

  • A chart presents numeric data in an easy-to-grasp visual format. You can choose from 12 types with many variations.

  • With SmartArt Graphics, you can create a variety of diagrams, including organization charts and Venn diagrams. You can edit and format a diagram and change its layout to suit your needs.

  • If a bulleted list would have more impact as a diagram, you can easily convert it. Lists that represent a sequence of events or a relationship are best suited for visual rendering as a diagram.

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