Adjusting the Layout, Order, and Look of Slides - Key Points

Key Points

  • After you create a slide, you can easily modify its layout.

  • If you manually change the layout of a slide, you can restore the default layout.

  • You can change the order of slides by rearranging them on the Slides tab or in Slide Sorter view.

  • You can easily change the look and feel of a presentation by switching from one predefined theme to another. If you like all the elements of a theme except its colors, you can apply a different color scheme.

  • You can apply a color scheme to one or all the slides in a presentation.

  • You can create your own color schemes, and you can add colors that aren't part of the current scheme to selected parts of a slide.

  • To dress up the background of one slide or of all the slides in a presentation, you can apply a solid color, a color gradient, a texture, or a picture.

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