Core Access

Access is used in many different situations, in many different ways, by a diverse group of people. Some are novices, while others have been using a single custom Access solution for years. Still others are sophisticated users who want to take advantage of the application's bells and whistles, or they are Access developers who make those bells and whistles ring and sing.

One thing all users and developers want is for Access to support their needs as efficiently as possible. This can require a little customization or a down-right minisolution that's implemented inside Access and helps to support the purpose of the overall solution.

This chapter includes a collection of hacks you can implement directly within Access. You'll find hacks designed to help general users by making their experience more rewarding and more efficient. You'll also find hacks a power user can implement to expand the value of his custom Access application. You'll even find hacks that only a developer can implement. A little VBA goes a long way here.

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