Customizing and Configuring Outlook - Key Points

Key Points

  • Need one-click access to commands that are scattered in different places? Simply add a button for that command to the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • You can adjust many aspects of the Outlook environment to tailor it to the way you work.

  • It's worth taking the time to set up a few rules so that Outlook can evaluate and process messages depending on the sender, subject, contents, time, or almost any other criteria you care to set. You can create a different set of rules to be applied when you are out of the office.

  • You can store e-mail messages and other Outlook items on your organization's server or locally, on your own computer.

  • You can digitally sign your messages so that recipients will know the messages haven't been tampered with; encrypt them so that only intended recipients can read them; and set restricted permissions so that recipients can't forward, print, or copy them. You can also display messages in plain text to disable any active content.

  • Built-in filters block annoying or hazardous messages that conform to spam patterns or that contain active content. You determine the level of protection, and specify trusted (and untrusted) message senders.

  • Advanced e-mail option settings give you control over the way Outlook handles the messages you write. If you frequently send messages with the same settings, you can save time by setting the defaults to your liking.

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