Getting Started with Visio 2007

Getting Started with Visio 2007

Chapter at a Glance

In this chapter, you will learn how to:

Start diagrams by using templates.

Work within the Visio environment.

Customize the Visio environment.

Get Visio and diagram help.

Have you ever tried to do any of the following tasks only to find yourself frustrated with the outcome?

  • Explain a new team organization or complex inter-departmental process in an e-mail message or a memo only to find that no one quite understood it.

  • Give a presentation about critical project milestones, and then watch everyone walk away with a puzzled expression.

  • Summarize data and key trends in a spreadsheet for coworkers who just stare at you with blank looks on their faces.

All of these situations are ideal opportunities to use Microsoft Office Visio 2007the business drawing and diagramming program that helps you visually communicate processes, systems, projects, and resources. Visually is the key word. When you can't effectively convey your message verballywith text, tables, or numbers aloneyou need a diagram.

With Visio, you can show your audience what you mean by using easy-to-understand diagrams such as organization charts, flowcharts, and project timelines. Whether you need to analyze a new business process, visualize an office space, explore business data, track important data trends, or simply create a map to a company picnic, you can create professional-looking diagrams quickly and easily using Visioand no artistic talent is required.

With advanced data connectivity and visualization functionality in Visio Professional 2007, you can even take your diagrams to another level: integrate them with data to track key trends, identify issues, and flag exceptionsall in one diagram that's easy to refresh and share with others across the entire organization. Explore data in hierarchical form using the new PivotDiagram template, identify server issues through data-connected network diagrams, or track resource data in project timelines. Visualize any process, system, project, and resourcein addition to the data behind itby connecting your diagrams to data and dynamically updating them as the data changes.

This book helps you learn how to use Visio so that you can communicate visually with Visio diagrams. This chapter will first introduce you to Visio drawing and diagram types, and then show you how to start a Visio diagram by using a template. You will learn how to work within and customize the Visio drawing environment. Last, you will practice using Visio online Help so that you can easily find the answers to questions that might arise while you create your Visio diagrams.

Do you need a quick refresher on the topics in this chapter? See the Quick Reference entries on pages xxvxliii.

Important Before you can use the practice files in this chapter, you need to install them from the book's companion CD to their default location. See "Using the Book's CD-ROM" on page xix for more information.

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