Programming Word

Programming Word

In this chapter

  • Specifying, opening, creating, saving, and closing documents.

  • Using the Range object to work with text.

  • Using VBA to manipulate characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Microsoft Word is a large, complex program, so it will come as no surprise that its list of objects is equally as big and complicated. Fortunately, just as most people use only a tiny subset of Word's features, so too will you probably only use just a few of Word's objects in your VBA programming. In fact, with Word there are only really three levels of objects you'll need to worry about most of the time: Word itself, which is represented by the Application object; Word documents, which are represented by the Document object; and the text within those documents, which is represented by various objects, including Character, Sentence, and Paragraph. In this chapter, you'll focus on programming these basic objects.

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