Removing Tasks from Your Task List

Removing Tasks from Your Task List

When you complete a task, you can remove it from your task list by deleting it or by marking it as complete. When you delete a task, it moves first to the Deleted Items folder, and is permanently deleted when you empty that folder. No record of it remains on your task list. If you want to retain a record of your completed tasks, mark the task as complete by clicking the flag in the To-Do Bar Task List, clicking the flag column so that a selected check box appears in the Tasks pane, or changing the % Complete setting to 100%.

After you mark an instance of a recurring task as complete, Outlook generates a new instance of the task at whatever interval you specified when creating the task.

If a task has a reminder and you'd like to keep the task on your task list but stop the reminder from appearing, you can change or remove the reminder by right-clicking the task, clicking Add Reminder, and then selecting the reminder options you want.

In this exercise, you will mark a task as complete, stop a reminder from appearing, and then delete a task.

USE SBS Dinner Reservations and SBS Send Dinner Invitations tasks you created in "Creating and Updating Tasks" earlier in this chapter. If you did not complete that exercise you can do so at this time or use any tasks in your task list.

BE SURE TO display the Tasks pane and the To-Do Bar before beginning this exercise.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, in the Current View list, select the Active Tasks option.

    Outlook displays only the tasks that you haven't yet marked as complete.

    Image from book
  2. In the Tasks pane, double-click the SBS Dinner Reservations task.

  3. Image from book On the Task tab, in the Manage Task group, click the Mark Complete button.

    Outlook marks the task as complete and closes the task window. Because your task list is displaying only active (incomplete) tasks, the completed task no longer appears in the list.

  4. In the Current View list, select the Completed Tasks option.

    The SBS Dinner Reservations task appears in the list of completed tasks.

  5. In the Current View list, select the Simple List option.

    The Simple List view displays all your tasks. Completed tasks are crossed out.

    Image from book
  6. In the To-Do Bar Task List, right-click the SBS Send Dinner Invitations task, point to Follow Up, and then click Add Reminder.

    The Custom dialog box opens.

    Image from book
  7. Click the Flag to arrow, and in the list, notice the types of follow-up you can set reminders for. Then click away from the list to close it.

  8. Clear the Reminder check box, and then click OK.

    The bell icon no longer appears next to the task name, indicating that no reminder is set for this task.

  9. In the To-Do Bar Task List, click the SBS Send Dinner Invitations task, and then press the Image from book key.

    Outlook removes the task from your task list.

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