Report and Review Your Options

Report and Review Your Options

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A freeware template from MouseTrax displays all of your Word Options settings in a convenient report format.

There are more than 200 settings that qualify as Options in Word 2003 (slightly fewer in earlier versions), and they're often the key to understanding Word's behavior. Sure, you can check most of them by scrounging around the Options dialog (ToolsOptions), but having them all presented for you in a report makes a lot more sense.

A freeware template available from MouseTrax ( generates an easy-to-read Word document listing your current Options settings. Part of the first page of a sample report is shown in Figure.

Review your Options settings in report form

After you download the template for your version of Word, just double-click it to create the report.

If you've set your Macro Security Settings (ToolsMacroSecurity) to High, you'll need to download the template into your templates folder before it will run.

Included with each setting and its current value is a brief description, which can acquaint you with some of Word's more esoteric options (e.g., AllowAccentedUppercase, which has to do with how Word treats accents over capital letters in French).

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