Sending Calendar Information in an E-Mail Message

Sending Calendar Information in an E-Mail Message

You might frequently find it necessary to share information about your schedule with colleagues, friends, or family members. With Outlook 2007, you can easily embed selected calendar information as a static image in an e-mail message that you can send to any person who uses an HTML-capable e-mail program (not only people who use Outlook).

You can choose the period of time for which you want to share information (Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days, Next 30 Days, or Whole Calendar, or you can specify a custom date range) and the level of detail you want to share:

  • Availability only. Includes only your availability (Free, Busy, Tentative, or Out Of Office) during scheduled time periods.

  • Limited details. Includes only your availability and the subjects of calendar items.

  • Full details. Includes your availability and the full details of calendar items.

The details of calendar items marked as Private will not be shown unless you specifically choose to do so.

See Also For information about private appointments, see "Scheduling and Changing Appointments" in Chapter 6, "Managing Appointments, Events, and Meetings."

In this exercise, you will embed information about your schedule in an e-mail message. There are no practice files for this exercise.

BE SURE TO display your calendar before beginning this exercise.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Send a Calendar via E-mail.

    Outlook opens a new message window and the Send A Calendar Via E-mail dialog box.

  2. In the Advanced area, click Show to display all the options.

    Image from book

    If you have multiple calendar folders in Outlook, you can choose which calendar you want to send information from.

  3. Click the Date Range arrow, and then in the list, click Next 7 days.

  4. Click the Detail arrow, and then in the list, click Full details.

    You can choose whether to include private appointment details and attachments, and whether to present schedule information as a daily schedule or only a list of events.

  5. With Daily schedule selected in the E-mail Layout list, click OK.

    Outlook embeds the selected calendar information in the e-mail message window and also attaches the same information as an .ics file. You can send the e-mail message to any recipient. A recipient using an e-mail program that supports .ics files can add your calendar information to his or her calendar list.

    Image from book
  6. Scroll the e-mail to view its contents. Then experiment with other time periods, details, and layout options on your own.

CLOSE or send the e-mail message.

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