Speaker Notes

Speaker Notes

Speaker notes, as you may recall from Section 1.6, are notes you can attach to any slide of your presentation to remind yourself of things you want to say but don't want your audience to read, like "Remember to tell the joke about the priest, the rabbi, and the lawyer before you start this slide" or "Haul out the flip chart when you get to bullet #2."

Chapter 7 shows how you can set up an extra computer screen to display your speaker notes while you're running your presentation from your main computer (Section 7.1.3). But in most cases, simply printing your speaker notes and keeping them with you while you give your presentation is sufficient.

To print speaker notes:

  1. Choose Office button Print Print Preview.

    The Print Preview ribbon appears.

  2. From the Print What drop-down menu, choose Notes Pages.

    The Notes pages you've attached to your slides appear in the Preview area (Figure 8-6).

    Tip: If you'd like to add a header or footer before you print, check out Section 5.5.
  3. To double-check your speaker notes, click Next Page and Previous Page (or use the scroll bars that appear next to the Preview area to flip through your notes pages).

  4. When you're satisfied, click Print.

    The Print dialog box appears. For help in setting Print options, such as choosing which pages to print or how many copies to print, head to Section 8.1.

  5. Click OK.

    PowerPoint prints your speaker notes.

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