Third-Party Applications

Much of the focus in Access books involves how to manage building an applicationworking with tables, queries, forms, and reportsand applying solutions with macros and code. However, once you've completed all that work, you might need a tool to document your database [Post #92]. Similarly, when you create an application, you might not be considering all the management, functionality, and utilities that can go into your database. Fortunately, a product is available that fleshes this out for you [Post #93].

Of course, data is the point of a database. How often have you designed a database and then had to find some data to test it with? You can enter data manually, or you can use a product that creates data for you [Post #94].

In addition to all this, this chapter also shows you how to build an application without any tables. "Use Access as an XML Database" [Post #95] shows how to run an XML database from Access, reading from and writing to an external XML file.

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