Introduction to Embedded SQL

Introduction to Embedded SQL

    Section 26.1.  Introduction

    Section 26.2.  The Pseudo Programming Language

    Section 26.3.  DDL and DCL Statements and Embedded SQL

    Section 26.4.  Processing Programs

    Section 26.5.  Using Host Variables in SQL Statements

    Section 26.6.  The SQLCODE Host Variable

    Section 26.7.  Executable Versus Nonexecutable SQL Statements

    Section 26.8.  The WHENEVER Statement

    Section 26.9.  Logging On to SQL

    Section 26.10.  SELECT Statements Returning One Row

    Section 26.11.  NULL Values and the NULL Indicator

    Section 26.12.  Cursors for Querying Multiple Rows

    Section 26.13.  The Direction for Browsing Through a Cursor

    Section 26.14.  Processing Cursors

    Section 26.15.  The FOR Clause

    Section 26.16.  Deleting Rows via Cursors

    Section 26.17.  Dynamic SQL

    Section 26.18.  Example of a C Program

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