Service Provider VoIP Applications and Services


In SP markets, IP as a means of transport for networks is the driving force. The data-voice-video combined in a wired or wireless world (also referred to as convergence) is built on the foundation of VoIP fundamentals. However, new revenue-driven applications and the ability to reduce operational expenses via this IP convergence are what the providers are looking forward to. The traditional SP VoIP applications that are related to toll bypass, debit card, and so on are evolving into newer applications that are built on the use of IM, text messaging, video on demand, advanced CPE that allows seamless transitions from wired to wireless networks, and so on. The SP perspective/mission has been to prove that VoIP has the potential to offer better service than traditional telephone landline service.

This chapter also reviewed the importance of SBC functionality that aims to fix the interworking issues between disparate VoIP networks and the way this forms a critical piece in driving some of these applications. Similarly, FMC is another shift in extending VoIP to new levels of convergence of services.

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