So which is the better data format?

So which is the better data format?

Well, it seems pretty obvious... JSON is new, it's JavaScript-friendly, and I don't need to do any weird DOM navigation to get my data.

Obvious to whom? I still think XML is the clear winner. It's a standard, and I don't have to download any libraries to use it in my PHP. Besides, you know the DOM. What's the big deal?

Joe: I know how to make Brussels sprouts, too. That doesn't mean I like them!

Frank: I just don't see what you really gain by using JSON. Maybe it's a little easier for you to use, but it's a total pain for me to work with.

Joe: I don't know. That JSON.php library looked pretty easy to get running.

Frank: Sure, but now I've got to teach all my programmers how to use JSON. They already know XML, and that doesn't require any special libraries.

Joe: Well, I still think it's obvious. JSON rocks! I was just reading an article that says it's much faster than XML to send over a network.

Frank: Yeah, I was just reading another article that said the exact opposite! I think it totally depends on the data...

you can't prove that JSON is always faster than XML in every situation...

Joe: ...or that XML is faster than JSON!

Frank: Right. I guess we're just not gonna agree on this.?

Joe: Well, we have to pick one format or the other, right?

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