Types of Web Pages


The intention behind this chapter is that it serve as something of an explanation of the humble beginnings of the World Wide Web, starting with a single server and growing into the globe-spanning network that it is today.

First there was a brief explanation of both static and dynamic web pages, including the components that go into building each type of page. Components such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were briefly covered. Several examples of "DHTML out of control" were also mentioned; I, for one, can't wait for the video.

There was also a brief description, or, in some cases, an honorable mention, of several different web browsers. These browsers included some of the more popular web browsers for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. In addition, mention was made of some of the more annoying problems with cross-browser development.

The server side of things was briefly covered, to illustrate that there are always alternatives to whatever is being used currently. Also, I mentioned how it might be possible to mix and match technology, such as ASP.NET on Linux.

Finally, I covered the biggest problem with technical training today: how to apply it and how to circumvent it. Regardless of who we are, we learn by doing, and that information is like cookies; it's meant to be shared.

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