Why didn't the POST request work?

Why didn't the POST request work?

It's got to be the placeOrder.php script. We told open() to use POST for the request, so it's got to be a server problem.

I already told you, there's no problem with my script. You must have screwed something up in your JavaScript code.

Jim: Are you sure? I'll bet you forgot to change your script to accept POST parameters. Come on, just admit it! Fix the thing, and we can get on with it...

Frank: Look, do you have a hearing problem? I've told you twice now, my script accepts GET and POST parameters. Are you sure you even sent the customer's order and address?

Jim: I'm positive. Once I realized how long someone's order could get, I updated the part of my JavaScript that places the order to use a POST request.

Frank: Well, looks like you made a mistake.

Jim: No way. I put the customer's phone number, address, and order in the send() method of my request object... I even double-checked. So I know the data's getting to the web server.

Frank: Well, it's not getting to me. When my script gets run by the server, and it checks for the "address" and "order" request parameters, it's not getting anything.

Jim: Wait a second. If I'm sending the data to the server correctly...

Frank: ...and I'm asking the server for the data, and getting nothing...

Together: The problem must be the server!

This is Frank... he's been writing all the PHP scripts for Break Neck Pizza.

Jim's the resident Ajax programmer at Break Neck.

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