Chapter 11 -- Cache Manager

Chapter 11

Cache Manager

The Microsoft Windows 2000 cache manager is a set of kernel-mode functions and system threads that cooperate with the memory manager to provide data caching for all Windows 2000 file system drivers (both local and network). In this chapter, we'll explain how the Windows 2000 cache manager, including its key internal data structures and functions, works; how it is sized at system initialization time; how it interacts with other elements of the operating system; and how you can observe its activity through performance counters. We'll also describe the five flags on the Win32 CreateFile function that affect file caching.

None of the cache manager's internal functions are outlined in this chapter beyond the depth required to explain how the cache manager works. The programming interfaces to the cache manager are documented in the Windows 2000 Installable File System (IFS) kit. For more information about the IFS kit, see

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