New Features in Windows Server 2003

New Features in Windows Server 2003

Where I come from in southern New Mexico, folks like giving nicknames to their friends. Well, if Windows Server 2003 were from New Mexico, it might very well earn the nickname "Bring 'em back alive" because so many new features are focused on maintaining continuity of access to data. Here are some of the new features:

  • Automated System Recovery (ASR). This feature simplifies the restoration of the operating system partition.

  • Goodbye, Emergency Repair Disk. There is no more ERD in Windows Server 2003. The only repair options are the Recovery Console or ASR.

  • Emergency Management Services (EMS). If a server cannot be reached via the network, EMS provides an out-of-band connection to the server via a serial port.

  • Online Crash Analysis. The kernel-mode debugging utilities in Windows Server 2003 can now run on the same machine as the operating system they are monitoring. This permits running a variety of debugging chores at the console.

  • Volume Shadow. Locked files create problems for backup programs. Users get irate when you tell them that you can't restore a file because it was locked during the backup while they were working from home. The Volume Shadow service takes a snapshot of a locked file so that the backup program can save the snapshot.

  • System Restore. This feature, only present on XP, periodically takes snapshots of the system configuration that you can use as checkpoints for rolling back the system to a previous configuration.

  • Online event tracking. If an application fails or otherwise causes a system error, the system collects information about the failure and sends that information to Microsoft, where it is compiled and analyzed for trends.

  • Shutdown Event Tracker. This "feature," if you want to call it that, requires that you specify a reason each time you shut down a system. This reason is put in the Event log. If the system crashes, you must specify a reason when the system restarts.

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