PHP 13Jule2011Arrays
PHP 12January2011Build an Ad Redirector
PHP 11Jule2011Build Lightweight HTML Graphs
PHP 7May2011Building a Form
PHP 27January2011Catching SOAP Faults
PHP 27Mart2011Changing Database Objects from PHP
PHP 2February2011Checking if an Element Is in an Array
PHP 26January2011Choosing Greedy or Nongreedy Matches
PHP 12June2011Classes and Objects
PHP 5Jule2011Communicating with Databases Through ODBC
PHP 17Mart2011Compressing Web Output
PHP 27February2011Create a New Interface for Amazon
PHP 12April2011Create a Skinnable Interface
PHP 4February2011Create Custom Maps with MapServer
PHP 11January2011Create RTF Documents Dynamically
PHP 13June2011Create the Google Maps Scrolling Effect
PHP 3Jule2011Creating a Library for Tracking a User Through Your Website
PHP 8January2011Creating a Mass Email Mailer
PHP 21April2011Creating and Reading CSV files
PHP 2February2011Creating Recursive Functions
PHP 19April2011Database Design
PHP 12Jule2011Defining Object Constructors
PHP 24January2011Deleting Elements from an Array
PHP 17June2011Determining Whether a Variable Is Equal to Another
PHP 24January2011Developing Locally
PHP 28Mart2011Displaying Results with Embedded Links
PHP 5May2011Drawing Centered Text
PHP 7April2011Drawing with Patterned Lines
PHP 13June2011Easily Obtaining Form Data
PHP 24Mart2011Email
PHP 3Jule2011Error Reporting and Debugging
PHP 14January2011Escaping Shell Metacharacters
PHP 25Mart2011Expanding and Compressing Tabs
PHP 23May2011Extracting Substrings
PHP 22Mart2011Fetching a URL with Arbitrary Headers
PHP 22June2011Fetching an HTTPS URL
PHP 8April2011Finding and Fixing Parse Errors
PHP 3February2011Generate Database Select Code
PHP 18January2011Generating a Difference Report Between Two Files
PHP 19February2011Generating a High-Precision Time
PHP 12June2011Generating Random Passwords
PHP 17Mart2011Generating Time Ranges
PHP 27April2011Generating WSDL Automatically
PHP 5June2011Getting a List of Filenames Matching a Pattern
PHP 16April2011Getting and Setting File Timestamps
PHP 14June2011Getting Information About a Domain Name
PHP 13Jule2011Handling Remote Variables with Periods in Their Names
PHP 12April2011Having One Variable Refer to Another (References)
PHP 22April2011Implementing a Simple Shopping Cart
PHP 21May2011Install PHP
PHP 28Mart2011Installation and Basics
PHP 28April2011Installing PECL Packages
PHP 17June2011Instantiating an Object Dynamically
PHP 17June2011Interpolating Functions and Expressions Within Strings
PHP 22January2011Latitude/Longitude Calculations
PHP 28April2011Make a DHTML Slideshow
PHP 3Jule2011Managing Localization Resources
PHP 9February2011Manipulating Table Data
PHP 12Jule2011Marking Up a Web Page
PHP 14January2011Migrate to MD5 Passwords
PHP 24February2011Opening a Remote File
PHP 18February2011Parsing Comma-Separated Data
PHP 27May2011Parsing Program Arguments with getopt
PHP 7Mart2011Patterns
PHP 16February2011PHP and HTTP Authentication
PHP 24Mart2011Preventing Cross-Site Scripting
PHP 19February2011Preventing Parentheses from Capturing Text
PHP 15Mart2011Processing a String One Byte at a Time
PHP 11January2011Processing Uploaded Files
PHP 7May2011Program: Calendar
PHP 19June2011Program: Finding Fresh Links
PHP 10January2011Program: Printing a Horizontally Columned HTML Table
PHP 9April2011Program: Site Search
PHP 28April2011Program: Web Server Directory Listing
PHP 25February2011Program: whereis
PHP 13Jule2011Queue Implementation
PHP 15Jule2011Read RSS Feeds on Your PSP
PHP 27April2011Reading Standard Output from a Program
PHP 3February2011Reading Usenet News Messages
PHP 23April2011Redefining an Endpoint
PHP 26February2011Redisplaying a Form After PHP Validation Fails
PHP 4April2011Renaming All Files Within a Directory
PHP 12January2011Replacing Substrings
PHP 9April2011Requesting Data from a Web Page
PHP 7February2011Responding to an Ajax Request
PHP 18January2011Reversing an Array
PHP 6February2011Send RSS Feeds to Your IM Application Using Jabber
PHP 1Mart2011Sending Mail
PHP 1February2011Serving an XML-RPC Method
PHP 1June2011Setting Default Values for Function Parameters
PHP 6May2011Setting the Character Encoding of Incoming Data
PHP 2April2011Setting the Default Locale
PHP 19February2011Sharing Encrypted Data with Another Web Site
PHP 20January2011Specifying an Array Not Beginning at Element 0
PHP 19April2011Specifying Interfaces
PHP 23Mart2011Storing Arbitrary Data in Shared Memory
PHP 11April2011Storing Encrypted Data in a File or Database
PHP 7June2011String Functions
PHP 19April2011Strings
PHP 3Mart2011Submitting a POST HTTP Request with cURL